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Inspiration Filler Post

I crochet.  It’s what I do.  Currently I am working on a Panther Neck Herb-Pillow Case (I’ve previously made a squid and a Cthulhu neck herb-pillow case which are currently hanging  out on my bookshelf because I have yet to put them up on etsy.  I posted pics below) for my friend Nicole.  Law school (where she’s at) can be stressful, and those microwaveable scented neck pillows can really relax stiff muscles from a long day of studying.  Plus she likes panthers.  But I’m a little stuck right now on the claws, and so in my procrastination I have compiled a link-list of interesting projects other people have crocheted.

Crocheted food art is super cool.

I love all of these, especially the figures.

Crocheted chain saw!

Smiling hamburger.

Fantastically awesome blanket!

I want one!  This could be my secret grown-up hiding place tent!

and… a Super Mario plant- how cute!


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