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Important Life Skills

I have not posted in well over two months.  This officially makes me a shitty blogger.  But I have been making things that I intend to put up for sale on etsy soon, so I’ve decided to try to work on keeping this up too (because blogs + etsy = more sales.)  But, as all I’ve been doing is making things that I want to post about after I’ve gotten pictures taken and my etsy shop set up, I’ve got nothing.  So here’s some links to some super important craft-related things I either already have or really want to try out:

  • DIY Deodorant.  I’m actually really excited to try this one out.  I think I may add lemon or lime juice to the recipe when I whip up a batch.  One of the girls at work told me about the awesomeness of lemons-as-deodorant, and the internet seems to back her up.
  • Old tee-shirt halters!  No-sew patterns are my favorite (I’ve yet to buy a sewing machine) and I’ve made variations of this one on two of my old shirts and love them!  I’ll probably make more as the weather keeps heating up.
  • Now that I know tea cup bird feeders exist, I want to make hundreds of them.  They are so cute!  And the tutorial is great.
  • Shirt skirts are pretty much the first thing on my list to make once I buy a sewing machine.  I love skirts (so comfortable!) and these are adorable.
  • Bath bombs. Because they are fun and fizzy.
  • And seriously, I saved the best for last.  Check out the amazing fabrics at this website, or submit your own to be made.  How awesome?

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