First Post

It has taken me a while to get to this blog, which is kinda ridiculous.  I’m not actually doing much with my days lately; unemployed and broke lend themselves to boredom and yet I can’t seem to focus much on writing at this time.  I spend much of my free time reading books and news as well as reading analysis’ on both (though honestly mostly news; I usually  only get into book analysis’ when reading Shakespeare’s plays,) so it’s hard to find the desire to write about those on top of it all.   I can’t afford to bake as much as I’d like, can’t afford to travel, can’t afford more skeins of yarn than what I’ve got.  Hopefully I’ll get a job soon.

Until then I’ve decided to write-up memoir/essays about the last six months while I was in Denmark working as an au pair.  I kept a personal (private) blog while there, but most of what I wrote in it was of the “and then I took the kids to the park, here are some pics” variety, and not actually all that interesting to read.  I can’t guarantee that I will go in chronological order when typing these up, so I promise at the very least to give approximate dates.

So.  I’m going to go apply for a couple jobs now (Publix here I come) and then later tonight hopefully I’ll get around to typing up what made me want to au pair in the first place.



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